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For the preparation of the SSC JE exam, books play a very important role in student life. Most importantly, books contain quality content and cover the entire updated syllabus. In a very competitive time, there are many types of publications providing books in the market. In this situation, students are very confused about purchasing the right books to crack the exam. Students want books that cover the entire syllabus with easy tricks and methods. Students need to buy books in an easy language at an affordable price. EA provides you with books based on your needs and budget. By providing quality study material, we will help you to increase your efficiency. EA provides you with an updated syllabus and MCQ books. We also provide books in Hindi and English medium so students can continue their studies without any hindrance. We also provide you with previous year question papers so you have a clear idea of the syllabus, latest exam pattern, question pattern, approximate weightage and difficulty level of the exam. As a B.Tech engineer, we explore and collect knowledge in the engineering field and also achieve the goals in government sections like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

1. It is very obvious that SSC JE question papers are repetitive in nature, so preparation is fully focused on solving the previous paper.

2. Do not worry about too many books at the last minute of the exam.


3. Mark the important topics and questions. It will help you quickly revise.



In SSC JE Civil Engineering, we have provided you with objective and conventional books. In the objective book, we cover all topics with detailed solutions, so it will help you clear up your concepts and doubts. In which we also include previous paper questions that will help you understand the question pattern. Practicing the books will definitely help you manage your time and accuracy in the exam. Increase your preparation by completing last year's paper.


There are many opportunities in mechanical engineering, and SSC JE gives you the opportunity to serve in the government sector, so you can also achieve your goal. The Engineers' Academy is one of the best publications for the SSC JE Exam. The Engineers Academy provides you with trusted and quality study materials. The books are provided with solutions, so it will clear up your concepts.



For beginners who want to appear in the exam for SSC JE Electrical Engineering, The Engineers Academy publication provides a comprehensive solution based on the previous year's paper. It will enhance your preparation and give you the final touch to your SSC JE Exam. The EA publication provides the MCQ topically and chapter wise. You will also improve your basic understanding of any topic, which will help you increase your exam score.

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